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We provide exceptional Solar panel services to a wide range of commercial and residential properties for 10 years.
Our experienced solar panel sets the standard each day in solar installation, maintenance, repair. We will whip your yard into shape in no time.

Solar Installation

When considering switching to solar energy consumption, roofing must also be considered. A reliable and sound roof is a prerequisite to solar installation.

Solar Panels

Modern solar markets propose a big variety of products to choose from. Solar panels that differ in manufacturing specifications, shape, color, price and efficiency.

Solar Shingles

Modern solar technologies provide new solutions every day. Solar Roof shingles are a vivid example of this statement. Let’s take a closer look at this interesting product.

Solar Inverters

One important solar consideration is the usage of inverters, which work to convert solar energy. Solar panels generate power from sunlight: this form of energy is called direct current (DC).  


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Las Vegas Solar Pros provides the highest quality, and the vastest range of Solar panel services available, for all homeowners in and around Las Vegas, NV!
We pride ourselves on employing intensively trained, highly skilled, and perfectly reputable Solar services in Las Vegas who have the experience and expertise to deliver beautiful results on an enormous variety of different solar services. We can help with any information on Las Vegas solar pros.


Our in-house, licensed, and accredited team covers all areas: solar, electrical, solar panel system, roofing


Range of renewable energy production, storage, efficiency, and monitoring solutions


High-quality materials, proficient team, streamlined process


Industry-leading warranty for worry-free ownership and operation


Our low prices result in low total cost of ownership (TCO), high return on investment (ROI), and quick payback



An award-winning, Las Vegas-based solar installation company, Las vegas Solar Pros is a leading solar PV and roofing contractor. Since 2011, we’ve helped homeowners and businesses meet their energy goals with customized solutions. Our award-winning team of consultants, installers, and engineers dedicate themselves to helping customers throughout the solar process, providing a spectacular experience from design to activation.

Solar power usage is becoming crucial for the future of our planet. Adding a solar energy system to your home and helping you in the solar power generation process: is our primary objective.

As an engineering-based company, we value expertise, quality, and solutions. Our honest approach means that you’ll get up-to-date information and inside knowledge to help you make the right choice with your solar and roofing options. With our customer support team, we’re always available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

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We are a solar panel installation company specialize in homeowners and businesses meet energy goals with costumized Solutions.

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We love to take pride in the work we do. Each project is finished in time and budget

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Solar power usage is becoming crucial for the future of our planet. As the climate crisis continues to affect our communities, solar energy is becoming a well-trusted and reputable solution. Adding solar energy to your home or business has huge environmental impacts, as solar energy significantly lowers your carbon footprint. With solar panel system, you can rely on clean, renewable energy for most of your consumption needs. That means less stress on the grid, and fewer fossil fuels deployed into the environment. Apart from being a renewable and natural source of power consumption, it also has other advantages. Using solar energy is great for the budget, as well! Solar energy solutions can lower your utility bill while maintaining efficient home power production.

Going solar means taking a step back from utility companies and the electrical grid. With solar energy, you will be generating clean and renewable energy consistently throughout the day. That means you can power your home appliances and other electrical needs through energy attained from the sun. This reduces the need for harmful fossil fuels, thereby lessening negative environmental impacts.


We make the solar installation process simple for our customers by taking care of the more complicated steps. Among other things, we handle permits, city inspections, and rebate applications. Our consultants will be available to you from start to finish on your solar project, offering insights and solutions as needed.

 As a home battery storage system, we offer Tesla Powerwall. This system stores electricity that is generated by the solar panel system during the day. Tesla Powerwall is designed to work with any solar panel system. Check out the video below that best describes our solar panel installation process in Las Vegas.

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